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With decades of industry experience, we’ve seen it all: weddings, conferences, trade shows, theatre, dance, concerts, and probably anything else you can think of. Our team is excited to apply this experience to bringing your event to life! .

Take a look below to browse some of the ways Red Panda Productions can help enhance your vision.

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Event Planning  |  Vendor Management  |  Content Creation / Graphic Design

Event Planning

Good AV is the backbone of a successful event.  Good lighting and the right music will set the perfect tone.  Microphones are essential for helping Guests hear your message clearly.  Projectors and Televisions help deliver necessary information through powerful visuals.

Red Panda Productions offers a variety of audio-video solutions to help make your event run smoothly and impress your Guests.  We offer sound, lighting, video solutions, and more.


Vendor Management

Planning an event can be a tiresome and confusing ordeal.  Venues, caterers, entertainers... the list of vendors is never-ending.  Is this room big enough?  How do I arrange the seating?

In addition, event days are always hectic.  The wrong chairs arrive.  Both of the washrooms are out of service.  Why are all the servers parked in the Guest parking!?

Red Panda Productions can alleviate these worries and stresses with ease.  Hire us as your event planner, and rely on over 2 decades of events experience.  We've seen and solved it all, and are masters at providing solid planning and turning on-site problems into solutions.


Content Creation / Graphic Design

Sometimes a special event demands something out of the ordinary.  For your Guests, one incredible element can take your event from a great experience, and turn it into a a memory that will last a lifetime.  Capture the imagination of your audience and take your event to the next level.

We at Red Panda Productions can work with you to create a unique experience for your event.  We specialize in set construction, Guest interaction, and immersive design.