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At Red Panda Productions, we're always looking for the best talent. We promote inclusive workspaces and have proudly supported women and minorities on our team. Find out more about how to get onboard at Apply.
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We work with vendors, designers and technicians from accross the province and beyond. Let our network of reliable professionals help you today! We're adding new vendors ever day, click Apply to find out how to joing our network today!
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Education is the key to future innovation and improvement. We're excited to show you the ropes, hone your skills, or elevate your training to the next level. Check out Apply for more details.
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At Red Panda Productions, we're always coming up with something new. The sky is not the limit of the thinking... we believe there is NO limit! Follow us to see our creative process evolve! Click on Services to find out how we can enhance your next event.

About Us

Red Panda Productions is a live events production company located on the East Coast of Canada.  We provide a flexible range of services aimed at helping clients to realize their vision and host a successful event:

Our company was established in 2015 in Toronto, Ontario, where we operated for 4 years staffing shows across the GTA with skilled theatrical technicians.  We worked on some of the biggest events in Canada, and produced a few of our own.

We are a husband and wife team and family is at the heart of our business.  By late 2018 we decided that a life in Toronto wasn’t for us, and made the decision to move back to Mike’s hometown of Fredericton.

Now that we have re-established ourselves on the East Coast, we are ready to bring your next event to life.

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