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At Red Panda Productions, we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences. We offer a flexible range of audio visual packages and equipment rentals that will help you achieve your creative vision, and bring your event to life!


We will work with you to discover exactly what you need for your event to be successful.

Services offered include site visits, technical drawings, layouts, itineraries, event branding, content creation, logistics, and more.

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Lighting, audio, video and more. We have a robust inventory of audiovisual equipment, and a network of suppliers. We’ll build you a package to meet the budget and scale of your event.

We specialize in all type of events, live and livestreamed.

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When it finally comes time for the event, our professional on-site managers and audio-visual technicians will work together to bring all that planning to life.

You will find our staff to be friendly, flexible, and invested in the success of your event.

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We are based 45 mins outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Proudly servicing the East Coast of Canada and beyond.

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