Who are we?

Imagination Experts

Life is a series of moments, and each moment is unique.  Your senses and emotions combine to create these unique pockets of time. And when these moments are particularly impactful, memories are created.

At Red Panda Productions we help craft those memories. Through a careful combination of creative design, lighting, sound, and scenic elements we will create the ultimate immersive experience.

We do live events, escape rooms, themed parties, theatre, weddings, corporate gatherings, business activations, and more.

If you can imagine it, we can help!

What do we do?


We specialize in departmental integration. Lighting, sound, video, SFX, scenic, and decor all working in harmony to craft the perfect atmosphere.


Scenic elements, props, interactive games & exhibits. We LOVE to make things! Check out our gallery to see some of our work!


Its taken care of. We will be there every step of the way to ensure a stress free experience from start to triumphant finish.

The Copper Cogg Society Presents: INITIATION

Come aboard a heritage train for a completely immersive evening. Enjoy dinner, drinks, and entertainment. Follow the clues. Solve the riddles. Pass the test. Join The Society. 


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